The Truth About Yoga And Fitness

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Are you considering joining a yoga class to get in shape and bring about an overall balance in your life? At the same time, are you concerned about whether you can keep up with the class? Though the concept of yoga is known throughout the world, there are different misconceptions surrounding it, which makes many people believe it is a challenging form of fitness.

To help you clear your doubts, Welfit Fitness & Yoga has listed a few facts about yoga. These facts encompass everything a beginner needs to know about yoga and how they can benefit. Keep reading to learn the truth about yoga and fitness.

The facts!

1. You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga
Many people avoid yoga because they aren’t flexible, but to become flexible, it takes practice. Unfortunately, social media pictures and advertisements related to yoga mainly focus on people going deep into yoga poses. This encourages people to believe that flexibility is essential to do yoga properly. However, everyone can practice yoga; all you need is a little modification. With modifications, you can enable your body to maintain the correct alignments, and by using props, you can train your body to hold different poses. All you need to do is learn to listen to your body and know what is right for you.

2. Yoga is not slow
The truth is, yoga is about becoming aware of yourself, it’s not just about your pace and poses. However, many people get started with the physical aspect of yoga. This is a great way to get started, but yoga is a way of life, a life that you can really benefit from. That means, when you get started with yoga, you need to open up to learning and embracing a different way of thinking.

3. Yoga calms the mind
When you start doing yoga, remember that it is like learning a new skill, which means it takes patience and practice. If you feel that your mind is too busy to do yoga because it is a slow form of exercise, consider what you require for your overall fitness and wellbeing. If relaxation and revitalization are what your mind and body are craving, then yoga can certainly help you. Yoga is an excellent activity to calm your mind, slow down your thoughts, and regain focus.

4. Yoga requires frequent practice
Most people cannot do what a yoga instructor does. This is because what your body can manage is very different for an expert’s body. When practicing yoga, it is essential to listen to your body to understand its capacity and ask your instructor how you can do challenging poses differently so that you can still benefit. A yoga teacher will show you modifications on every pose so you can do them at the beginner level and improve your flexibility gradually.

5. Yoga is practiced in silence
While it is preferred that silence is maintained during a yoga session, talking is not prohibited. Sometimes, you need to speak to an instructor and ask about certain poses or for some assistance. However, usually, yoga is practiced in silence, so that you can focus on your breath, your body, and your ability to be in the present moment.

6. Practice yoga with a professional
When looking at yoga for the physical aspect (asanas), one should be aware of maintaining the length in the spine, while strengthening and opening areas of the body. There are many other aspects of yoga that a trained instructor will teach you so you can hold each pose correctly, thereby boosting your physical and mental strength and reducing your chances of injury.

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