Recommendation from a Course Participant


It would seem, now more that ever, we have been given a cue to slow down, take stock and re-prioitise our lives. I have recently done just that.

I knew I had lost quite a bit of myself. As a daughter, sister, wife and mother, as well as a friend and employee, I was putting everyone and everything before me. This is typical behaviour for women; we often brush aside our needs in order to care for others first. What we don't necessarily realise is that we are incapable of fully devoting love and care for those that matter most if we aren't devoting fully to loving our Self first.

Be True to You is a course conducted by Rona Welsh-Fromager. It dives into learning how to connect with your TRUE self and giving yourself over to something greater. This is not a course on religion, I want to make that clear. It is, however, extremely spiritual. I knew I had been a bit out of touch within, what I didn't realise was just how out of balance I had become. Rona helped me to identify my blocks and provided me with the tools to begin removing them. More than that she provided a safe place where I could share my story and begin healing the hurts I had buried within. Knowing I was not alone, seeing that others had similar struggles and feeling the love, understanding and compassion that radiated from a shared growth experience was profound.

No two people have the same story; our stories are our own. We have created them through the choices we made, the ones we are acting on now and those we will make in the future. What matters most is the here and now!! Only you can direct your journey; it is a lifelong highway and you are in the drivers seat.

Be present in your every decision, make every choice matter. Find the strength and faith to trust that you can search your Self and learn to grow into the very best version of you possible. There is hard work ahead, anything worthwhile demands it, but it gets easier. Let Rona guide you on this part of your journey to Be True to You. I promise, if you put forth the effort, the reward is priceless!!