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Be True to You – On-line Course

The more I worked with women, the more I came to realize the importance of offering a course for women to learn how to reconnect with them ‘Self’ again. Motherhood is a demanding job, and one in which as women we seem to quickly become so BUSY, that we forget or do not realize the importance of self-care in order to BE more for others.

Learning how to reconnect with one Self is such a necessity as a parent, a way in which to maintain BALANCE as we help our children grow into amazing individuals. Sometimes we forget that WE are the largest ROLE model for our children, so what they see as they grow up is what they will likely choose when they become parents. We want the best for our children, so showing them how to look after themselves, physically mentally and spiritually is key to living a healthy, happy life!

I encourage ALL mothers to slow down, and assess YOUR lifestyle. Is it serving you so you are the best version of yourself? Are you tired, grumpy, unhappy and wondering how you got there? I TOTALLY get it! I was there too! Then I took a few courses, okay, many courses, read a lot of books, and connected with my Self and realized we are the solution to our “problems”, and we have it within ourselves to figure it ALL out! I highly recommend all Mothers to dive into this course, regardless of what stage of parenting you are at! You will learn more about yourself, what makes you, what triggers you, and why, and how to like and possibility LOVE what you find.

“The Fears we don’t face become our Limits.” Robin Sharma

It is amazing how many women I hear that are scared to do this self-work. There is nothing more empowering than when you prove to yourself, just how strong you actually are! If it scares you, then it is most likely a sign that you need to do it. The people who dove into this course and did the work, have NO regrets, only gratitude that they took advantage of the opportunity to find them Self again!

This is an 8 week course, with readings, reflections, yoga flows, meditations, learning about Chakras and so much more! All are inspired with the purpose of reconnecting with your Self again. Figuring out what is important to you, and then finding and maintaining Balance in your life! When you learn how to LOVE yourself, you can TRULY and COMPLETELY LOVE others.

Most courses will begin at the beginning of a month. Contact me for more information.

$795. Payment plans can also be arranged.

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